Initial thoughts

Lucy Bernholz

August 19, 2009

Crowdsource – twitter, blog, mindmeister map (other?)

  1. Identify relevant policy domains
  2. Encourage broad input into open mindmap
  3. Identify interested individuals – in overall idea and specific policy domains
    1. Twitter, blog, mindmeister, email, SoCap09 session (other?)

Governed by….?

  1. Moderate map creation
  2. Can we recruit issue experts from Stanford, NAF, Berkman, Independent Sector – as advisors or issue moderators (see #3 below)
  3. “assign” moderators to the various policy domains – these people would
    1. be responsible for recruiting input and ideas
    2. develop plan for understanding and explicating that particular domain – possibly use MixIt, wiki?
    3. Moderate disputes
    4. Recruit input
    5. Manage outreach

    4. Issue moderators would collectively guide the overall project

5. pursue outreach and information sharing

6. develop policy action plans where appropriate



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