Change the Rules of the Game

Great post from Dan Crisafulli of Skoll Foundation on why policy matters to social entrepreneur


Legal ramifications of Supreme Court Case`

Good post on the implications of The Citizens United case (the Hillary movie) on nonprofits. Legal strategies to policy change, intended and unintended.

Systems Change paper from USC

New report from USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy (I am on board of advisors, or once was) – Foundation Strategy for Social Impact: A system change perspective. Systems include policy.

Kauffman Foundation Campaign for Entrepreneurs

An example of policy identification and promotion – if it includes social entrepreneurs it would fit into our sphere.

Government and Philanthropy – leaders and followers

This opinion piece by Vince Stehle of Surdna Foundation raises some important points about the many ways philanthropy and government intersect.. (Article is a premium from Chronicle of Philanthropy, account required)

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New Resource on Licensing Use by Private Foundations

Berkman report on foundations and open licensing

Some responses to #philpo

This blog post from folks at NCRP calls some key questions for this project. Of specific note to me, was this paragraph:

“What policy changes would transform our sector into something more than an emergent effect of forces beyond its control? What kind of tax policy, economic policy, industrial policy, environmental policy, or health-care policy would support the stability and growth of philanthropic capital?”
Those are great questions.

And in the words of the NCRP writer, here’s the risk of not stepping up to the plate:

“Are we moving toward a more prosperous, more equitable, more sustainable state of affairs, or is our greatest genius in creating “new” philanthropic instruments? A Policy Project that confined itself to narrow sector issues and the endless contemplation and reproduction of the giving tools already in use would be a recipe for irrelevance.”

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