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Kauffman Foundation Campaign for Entrepreneurs

An example of policy identification and promotion – if it includes social entrepreneurs it would fit into our sphere.


Government and Philanthropy – leaders and followers

This opinion piece by Vince Stehle of Surdna Foundation raises some important points about the many ways philanthropy and government intersect.. (Article is a premium from Chronicle of Philanthropy, account required)

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Why rules matter

“In the end, we get the charity sector we deserve.” – That’s Matt Bishop, author of Philanthrocapitalism, on why the policies that shape philanthropy matter. In his comments regarding the UK’s review of two charities’ work he emphasizes the roles that donors, tough questions, and the ways we act can shape how the nonprofit sector work. He also notes that the structure itself is a result of 400 years of law – the point of leverage this blog is about.

Nonprofits and Policy

Here’s an interesting post in The Nonprofit Quarterly about the role nonprofits need to play in shaping major policy debates, such as health care.

The question for the Philanthropy Policy Project is what about nonprofits, philanthropists, and the public taking a role in philanthropy policy itself?

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